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Customer + Experience = Brand Value

The experience of your customer creates their perception of brand value. We help you measure that experience.

Mystery Shopping Programs

New Image Marketing’s Mystery Shopping Programs focus on measuring the sales experience from the customer’s perspective. Whether evaluating a sales transaction, brand collateral placement or promotion execution, our programs provide you with a clear customer view on retail execution.


Areas often measured include:

  1. Sales transaction and employee engagement
  2. Sales associate appearance and cleanliness
  3. Brand/promotion awareness and execution
  4. Product or service awareness
  5. Product or service availability
  6. Sales product up-sell approach and delivery


Mystery Shopping Programs are effective tools when utilized to measure customer experiences and perception of key operational areas against company standards of execution.


With more than 20 years of market research experience, we have the industry expertise to build a mystery shopping program that delivers on expectation. We provide a straightforward, reliable process that matches

  1. Listening to your goals and objectives
  2. Building a program and survey that doesn’t overpromise
  3. Selecting the best shoppers available to meet your goals
  4. Reporting on results in a simple, easy to use platform
  5. Reinforcing behaviors based upon findings


To receive more information about our mystery shopping programs, please call Peter Boldrin at 239- 275-9979 ext. 209 or e-mail at


Mystery Shoppers

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