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You are the key component to success in any mystery shop program.

Becoming a Mystery Shopper for New Image Marketing



If you are a Registered Shopper, CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE SHOPPER WEBSITE.

Welcome to New Image Marketing’s shopper page. We are excited that you are here!
Our assignments are focused on the customer experience at retail locations nationwide.


Areas often measured include:

  • Sales transaction and employee engagement
  • Sales associate appearance and cleanliness
  • Brand/promotion awareness and execution
  • Product or service awareness
  • Product or service availability
  • Sales product up-sell approach and delivery


In order to become a shopper for New Image Marketing, please complete our registration process by going to our registration page. You will need an active email address before beginning the process. We process payments on the first business day of the month for shops completed and approved by the 24th of the previous month. We pay via printed check or PayPal. If you choose to be paid via PayPal, follow the simple steps when completing your Prophet Shopper Profile: MARK "YES" IN THE "WILL YOU ACCEPT PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL" FIELD and enter your PAYPAL EMAIL address where indicated and check for accuracy. If you are NOT interested in this payment option, make sure that the "Will You Accept PayPal Payment" box is marked "No" and the "PayPal Email Address" box is blank. This is critical to avoid delay of payment as we will assume you want to be paid via PayPal if there is an email in the PayPal Email Address field. If the PayPal Email Address field is blank, you will continue to receive a printed check in the mail. It is your responsibility to update your PayPal email address for payments to ensure your payment is received. NEW PAYPAL MEMBERS - You need to be sure to have your PayPal account verified and active prior to putting your PayPal information on your Shopper Profile. This process can take up to 2-5 business days to complete.


We’re Here to Help!
If you have any questions about this process or about New Image Marketing, please contact us at or


In our continued effort to grow and improve the mystery shopping industry, we encourage you to learn more about being an independent contractor by visiting the website of Its My Business, a new organization dedicated to protecting the rights of America's 10.3 million independent contractors. The website can be found at

For information on becoming a mystery shopper, we encourage you to visit the MSPA at


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